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Vermont has no process for its citizens to directly address the broad-based issues of the day other than the Byzantine system of amending our state’s Constitution.

Let Vermont Vote

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   (1) the letter that the Vermont Attorney General’s Office sent to Let Vermont Vote and

   (2) the A.G.’s Press Release regarding the complaint Let Vermont Vote filed

concerning Planned Parenthood of Northern New England’s ACTION FUND’s illegal campaign finance activites on behalf of candidate Peter Shumlin during the 2010 elections. 

[CLICK HERE to see the background documentation on this case].


Let Vermont Vote is working:

    1) to have the Vermont Legislature initiate the Constitutional Amendment process to place the standard of “one man and one woman” marriage into the Vermont Constitution.

    2) to have the Vermont Legislature put into law a referendum process that is citizen-initiated. Such a process would require a statewide ballot vote if citizens presented the Secretary of State with a certain number of signatures in support of a referendum on an issue or question. The signatures of 5% of the registered voters in Vermont would initiate the process.

    3) to have more of Vermont’s eligible citizens registered to vote and to have more of Vermont’s registered voters voting.

    4) to remove deceased, ineligible and illegal voters from Vermont’s voter rolls.

    5) for the fair and equal application of existing campaign finance laws while believing that Vermont’s current laws need to be reviewed to determine how necessary and effective current rules are in fostering a better, cleaner election process.

    6) for improved ethics codes for Vermont’s elected officials and legislators.


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